Access to our Pay When You Win selections, without the need to place a £5 on our behalf as our standard service members do.


Enhanced info from a very select team of racing people around the country that we have carefully selected, regardless of costs to us, to provide the highest level of information that we pass on to our Premier Membership. 


Our superb "Irish Angle" service. This is the very best information from our contacts in Ireland, helped by access to some top racing people. Again this service is only available to Premier Members.


Our exclusive & unique Betting Shares Club. This gives Premier Members the opportunity to buy shares in our betting club. This was established on request as some members sometimes missed betting on our selections due to work commitments our access issues and some just like the fact that we do it for them, so taking away ill-discipline from our strategies. This is an optional extra to our Premier Service.


R.I.B. Racedays - we run quarterly days out at the races for our Premier Members, where the cost of your daily badge is complimentary. This is a great way of making our members feel part of a very special club and good, enjoyable days for our members is of paramount importance to us.


R.I.B. Racehorse ownership. This is something that is at planning stage and probably our most ambitious project but we are determined to launch this as soon as is possibly viable for everybody. We are currently looking at various options and making all the necessary enquiries. We cannot wait to see a horse running in R.I.B. colours soon. The option to get involved will only be given to our Premier Members 

We offer a Premier Service allowing you to get the very best that we offer here at The Racing Info Bureau.

We made the decision in March 2020, having established our credentials with 15 months of actual results to launch our Premier Service.

Our Premier Service will include our Pay When You Win info at no extra cost,  enhanced info obtained at a much higher cost to us, our new Irish Angle service, our unique & exclusive Shares/Betting Club where we place and monitor bets for those that opt-in and quarterly race days will be organised for you and tickets provided as part of the package to promote a feeling of belonging to something special.

Our Premier Service membership costs just £99 per calendar month.

Some of our competitors charge much more than £50 for what we include in the £30 Membership package - without achieving close to our results.

The Premier Service is intended to be something really special and to have unparalleled access to special additional services.

Premier Members will also have the opportunity to get involved in a group horse in the future when a suitable horse/lease package has been identified. This will, of course, be at an additional annual cost but will be a very price competitive way to be involved in racehorse ownership.

All Members are important to us and our standards of service to the standard service package will not diminish in any way.

If you choose to become a Premier Member you are in for an exciting and unique ride.


To activate membership to our Premier Service just click on the image to the left where you will be taken to our Join Us page.


Our two main tipsters have over 75 years of racing experience behind them and have proven track records in their betting...otherwise they would not be part of our team!

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"A horse gallops with his lungs, perseveres with his heart, and wins with his character."

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